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Since our inception, Market Concepts, LLC
has provided investors with non-correlated liquid alternative investment solutions. 

Market Concepts, LLC (mConcepts) is an investment advisory company with offices in Central Virginia. We are an investment management firm, servicing individual clients. The company focus is in the areas of price analysis and quantitative analysis research, used to construct investment strategies for alternative investment products. Our focus is on the active management of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to implement non-correlated investment solutions which can be accessed in liquid and transparent investment structures.


Our programs are developed using our in-house quantitative research, developed and refined over time to help our clients focus on risk management as a first priority. Our philosophy is to generate returns without subjecting clients to significant risk; our computer based models heavily assist in our research and product development programs to accomplish this goal.

Douglas Stewart
Founder & PM
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Over 20 years of experience in advisory and asset management roles. Doug founded the company in early 2007. He has a BA in Education from Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Joseph McDonald
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Over 9 years of experience in the capital markets space through various analyst and asset management roles. Joseph joined the company in mid-2008. He has a BS in Finance from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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